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Statement on Frivolous charges filed in Sumter County, Florida

These charges are frivolous and political and will be defeated.  They are based on false statements made by politician Supervisor of Elections Bill Keen.

Bob Rivernider

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Same corruption in Sumter County, FL

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Campaign Management. Consultation. Winning Strategy.

Federal, State, and local races.

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About Bob

Bob Rivernider is an experienced campaign strategist, motivational speaker, and debate moderator.

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Bob Rivernider has decades of experience in campaign work.

Past CLIENTS and Volunteer Campaigns

Bush/Cheney 2000 2004

Jeb Bush for Governor

Joe Kaufman for Florida State Representative

Republican Party of Florida Sumter County Field Organizer

Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee

Laura Loomer for Congress

Donald J.Trump for President

Villagers For Trump Candidate forum moderator Sumter County and State Rep offices

Villagers for Trump Candidate Debate moderator U.S. House District 11

Marion County Florida Tea Party Candidate Forum Moderator 2023 Special Election

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